The Cardinal Way: Civility Rules

Cardinal News has been selected by the American Press Institute Project to participate in a nationwide project to promote civic discourse. We are partnering with the Roanoke Collaboration Project to give people in our demographically and politically changing communities the tools to engage in constructive dialogue.

We may agree to disagree on issues, but we are hoping that we can do so without becoming disagreeable. At the end of the day, we seek to remember that there is more to our neighbors than their political yard signs and that we might even find common ground on which we all can stand.

We will try this experiment for a few months. If successful, we will continue through the 2024 election cycle so that our community can emerge from what is expected to be a trying political year.

Please read the featured essays, and then take part in an informal survey. We will publish new essays every other week with the survey results and comments in the intervening weeks.

Cardinal Way collection of civil debate