Our nonprofit model relies solely on donations and grants from individuals, corporations and foundations. We will also apply for grants from journalism organizations and form alliances with the region’s universities as they train the next generation of journalists.

We recognize that as a nonpartisan news organization we are expected to maintain an impenetrable firewall between donors and an independent newsroom. We are strict practitioners of journalistic standards, and thus believe in full transparency. We do not accept anonymous gifts or any that appear to have the slightest of strings attached.

We will publish the names and levels of all donors. We do so both to acknowledge and honor their commitment to quality journalism, and so that everyone knows who is supporting us. This list will be updated frequently.

For 2021:

Publisher’s Circle: $100,000 and above:

The Secular Society

Carilion Clinic

Dominion Energy

Muckrakers: $10,000 to $99,999:

American National Bank

Ben Davenport

David Wine

Newshounds: $5,000 to $9,999:

Debbie Meade

Pundits: $1,000 to $4,999:

Erv Blythe

Warner Dalhouse

William Fralin

Richard Gilliam

Bob and Maryellen Goodlatte

Anna Lawson  

Jim Lindsey  

Beth Macy

Rich Martin

Luanne Rife

Michael Riley

Mary Lynn Tate

Leslie Taylor

Linda Thornton

Alexandra Trower

Christopher Turnbull      

Virginia Highlands Leadership Fund   

Correspondents: $250 to $999:

Elizabeth Altieri and Wilson Rankin

Jim Babb

Beth and Mike O’Brochta

Jeffrey Culverhouse 

Mike Dame

Kerry Edmonds

Dawn Erdman   

Andy Kegley

George Kegley

Beverly & Shirley Fitzpatrick   

Keith Franklin 

Tonya Hart   

Jeremy Holmes

Gunther Hoyt

Henry Hurt

Donna Littlepage

William Payne

Elizabeth Povar

Elizabeth Russo

Bill Sanford  

Michael Swanson

Chris Thompson

Gretchen Tipps

F. Roger Vaden in honor of Joe Stinnett

Joan Vanorsdall

August Wallmeyer

Douglas Waters

Mary Waters

Editorial Assistants: Up to $249:

Susan Bell

Robert Blair

Barry Blank 

Sandra Blevins

Michael Brennan

Janet Burrow     

Bruce Bryan

Jodie R. Caplan

Joseph Cobb     

Craig Coker        

Ken and Barbara Conklin

Daniel Crawford

Sue Cross            

Rupert Cutler 

Jeffrey DeBell

Jeff Diamond  

Patrick Dibert

Ruth Doan  

E. Henry Doggett  

Kay Dunkley   

Nancy Dye

Evan Feinman

David Frantz

Jay Gilliam

Pat Gooch

Stephen Haner

David Harrison       

Cheryl Hartman

Carey Harveycutter

Christian Heilman

Michael Hemphill 

Marquita Hill     

Gayle Hillert

Lawrence Hincker

John Hoke

John Hopkins

Melinda Hughes  

Beth JoJack

Neal A Katz 

Debra Kavanaugh

David Kjolhede

Deb and Ken Landgraf   

Madelyn Lazorchak

Sue Lindsey

Charles Lionberger 

Elizabeth Lowe

David Manley

Robert Martenis

Meghan Martin

Debbie McClure

Leesa McGregor

Laura Mitchell  

Michael Morency

Norwood Morrison

Gordon Morse 

Mallory Noe-Payne

Beth O’Connor

Molly O’Dell

Jay Poole

Christy Pugh

J.R. Pugh

Ellen Qualls

Adam Retchless

Catherine Read

Richard Rife

John and Frances Rogers

Sandi Saunders

Carla Selvey

Christie Sheffield

Richard Shingles  

Casey Slawinski

Deb Squire

Bob Stepno            

Michael Stowe 

David Suetterlein  

Carole Tarrant  

Chris Thompson              

Gretchen Tipps

Adriana Trigiani

Antonia Trigiani

Mary Yolanda Trigiani

Paul Tucker

Joan Vannorsdall

Tracy Vosburgh

Jack Wall

Suzanne Wardle

Daniel Webb   

Laura West

Lynn Williams    

Christie Wills   

Rebecca Yeager-Piazza  

Serwan Zangana

Carl Zipper