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Publisher’s Circle: $100,000 and above:

The Secular Society

Carilion Clinic

Dominion Energy

Danville Regional Foundation

Genan Foundation

Harvest Foundation

Above the Fold: $50,000 to $99,999:

American National Bank


Muckrakers: $10,000 to $49,999:

Ben Davenport

Dodson Pest Control

Katherine Nelson Fishburn Foundation fund of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia

W. Heywood Fralin

Marvin Gilliam

Debbie Meade

Morris Family Foundation

Walter and Sally Rugaber

David Wine

Newshounds: $5,000 to $9,999:

Jim and Sharen Branscome

Richard Gilliam

Virginia Highlands Leadership Fund

David Wine

Pundits: $1,000 to $4,999:

American National University

The William and Susan Baker Charitable Fund

William and Eileen Baumann

Erv Blythe

E. Fred Carlisle

Diana K. Christopulos

Martin F. Clark Sr. Family Foundation

Dr. J. Randolph Clements

Warner Dalhouse

Brad Denardo

Douglas Durst

Nancy St. Clair Finch

G. Franklin Flippin

William Fralin

Clark Gaylord

Bob and Maryellen Goodlatte

The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia/The Grymes Fund

Michael Hemphill, Buzz4Good

Sudie and William Heartwell III

Andy Kegley

Brad Kerchof

Leslie Lambert

Anna Lawson  

Jim Lindsey  

Network for Good (Dwayne Yancey’s Facebook birthday)

Beth Macy

Rich and Margaret Martin

Jeffrey Mitchell

Elizabeth Obenshain

Mike and Beth O’Brochta

Michael J. Quillen

Luanne Rife

Arline and Michael Riley

Fred and Janet Sachs

Lorri A. Stone and David S. Allen

Michael Swanson

Mary Lynn Tate

Leslie Taylor

Linda Thornton

Alexandra Trower

Christopher Turnbull 

The Turnbull Family Fund

F. Roger Vaden in honor of Joe Stinnett     

August Wallmeyer

John Williamson

Barry and Libba Wolfe

John O. Wynne

Wendy Zomparelli   

Correspondents: $250 to $999:

Rebecca Adcock

Steven Agee

Sara Airheart

Lisa Alderman

Bryan Alphin

Martin Angst

Kevin Appel

Elizabeth Altieri and Wilson Rankin

Frank Atkinson

Jim Babb

Jacob Bacharach

David Bailey

Russell Bailey

Stewart Barnes

Kamala Bauers

James Beamer

David and Jennifer Billstrom

Sandra Blevins

Carl Boggess

Paula Bolte

Lynne Bolton

Michael Bradford

Michael Branch

Susan and Leon Brandt in memory of Jayne Freakley

Bette Brand

Preston Bryant

Dan and Sue Camden

Idalmy Carrera-Colucci

Ann Cassell

Julia Clark

Timothy Clark

Whittington W. Clement

Laurie Cleveland

George Clemo

Dotsy Clifton

Julie Dokell Cogan

Laurie Cole

League of Women Voters of Montgomery County, Va.

Lisa Collis

Stephen Clinton

Cassady Craighill

Jeffrey Culverhouse 

Rupert Cutler

Mike Dame

Amy Dawson

Robert Denton Jr.

Thomas Denton

Robert F. and Kathy-Lynn Devereaux

Anne DeVries

John Dodson

Mike D’Orso

Beth Doughty

Carlyn Ebert

Kerry Edmonds

Michael Eggleston

Stephanie Elms

Bonnie and Doug Elosser

Dawn Erdman   

William Feild

Joseph W. Ferguson

Beverly & Shirley Fitzpatrick   

Keith Franklin

Pamela Friedman

Rodney Fultz

Lisa Garcia

Ray L. Garland

Rand and Jan Garrett

Jay Gilliam

Clifford and Caroline Glickman

Frank Goodpasture III

Heywood L. Greenberg

Hunter Gresham

Marcella Griggs

Gordon and Velva Groover

Kevin Hall

April Hamama

Ellen Hampton

The Harbor Company

Tonya Hart  

James Hartley

Neil and Camille Harvey

Jon and Donna Hatfield

Bernard Henderson 

Greg Hodges

Lucie Holland

Jeremy Holmes

Dabney Hopkins

John Hopkins

Franklin House

Gunther Hoyt

Melinda Hughes

Robert Hunt

Henry Hurt

Cal Johnson

Pegram Johnson

William Kanto

Joan Kark

Nancy Kaylor in memory of Steven Kaylor

George Kegley

Robert Kegley

Jack Kennedy Jr.

J. Keith Kennedy

Frank Kilgore

Stephen King

Christine Kimel

Kaye Kory

Larry Lackey and Karen Cavanaugh

Deb and Ken Landgraf  

Amy Lawrence

Mark and Cynthia Lawrence

Adrienne Lea

Virginia Lee

Victoria Leslie

Michael Levan

Linear B. Systems Inc.

Laura Linn

Kathy Lee Liston and Earl Strain

Donna Littlepage

Elizabeth Lowe

L. Richard Martin Jr.

David Maxson

Elizabeth McClanahan

Nancy McDaniel

Joe Miller

Renai Miller

John G. Milliken

The Mitchell Law Firm

Michael Montgomery

James Morgan

Gordon Morse 

Kurt Navratil and Brook Dickson

David Neumeyer

Clifford Nottingham

Lucinda Nicholson

Ellen and Thomas Nygaard, in honor of Joe Stinnett

Beth and Mike O’Brochta

Molly O’Dell

George Ohrstrom II

Deborah Oswalt

Erik Pages

Philip Parker

Kimball Payne

LF Payne

William Payne

Dan and Barbara Pleasant

Christine Poarch

Robert Poff

Jay Poole

Bruce Potter

Elizabeth Povar

JP and Shaleen Powell

Laura Powell

J.R. Pugh

Marianne Radcliff

Judy Raichek

Michael Ramsey

James Randles

John Richardson

Christian Rickers

Melissa Robinson

Lon and Susan Rollinson

Greg and Fran Rooker

Elizabeth Russo

Bill Sanford  

Carla Selvey

The Severt family, in memory of Mel (Buster) Carico

Edward (Edd) Sewell

Lewis Singer

Michael Sluss

Douglas Smith

Frank Smith

Raymond Smoot Jr.

J.K. Speas

Karl Stauber

Zach Stednick

Steven Kurt Stephenson

Bob Stepno

Joe Stinnett

Michael Stowe

Jeff Strup

Sara Stuart

Neal Sumerlin

Neal and Jane Sumerlin

Carole Tarrant 

Chris Thompson

Robert Thompson 

Susan Thompson 

Lucas Thornton

Bobbie Todd

Gretchen Tipps

Joan Vanorsdall

Laura Viergever

Virginia Credit Union on behalf of board member Rob Jones

Ed Walker

Jack Wall

Douglas Waters

Mary Waters

Katharine Webb

Linda Webb

Frances West

Randall L. Woodford

Anne Woodrum

Joseph B. Wright

Editorial Assistants: Up to $249:

Adedayo Abah

Madeline Abbitt

Watkins Abbitt

Randolph Abbott

Randy Abbott

Catherine Abernathy

Norman Achin

Anne Adams

Sharon Adams

Nancy Aden

John Accordino

Karen Adams

Mason Adams

Tami Adams

Andrew Adkins

Sheryl Agee

Ali Ahmad

R. Michael Akers

David Albo

James Ashley Aldridge

Amber Alexander

Michael D. Alexander

Dale Allen

Linda Allen

Eddy Aliff

Lisa AllisonJones

Martha Allman

Paula Alston

Debra Ames

Beth Anderson

George Anderson

Shannon Anderson

Todd Anderson

Wade Anderson

Sara Andrew

Monica Appleby

Alyssa Archer

Helen Ardan

Sheila Aref

Hunter Armstrong

Dr. Douglas Arnold

Jon Atchue

Martha M. Atherholt

Ram Athreya

Mary Atwell

Juanita Atwood

Janis Augustine

Joe Austin

Kathy Stevens Austin

Charles Ayling

Virginia Babcock

Anna Bach

BD Baer

Cheney Gazzam Baltz

Gerry Bannan

Heidi Baird

Donald Baker

Jennifer Baker

Karen Baker

Wes Baker

John Baldridge

William Baldwin

George Ball

Veronica Bandy

Carol Barbour

Ken Barclay

Larry Barker

Donna Barkley

Zeke Barlow

Charles C. and Marilyn Barnes

Charles L. Barnes

Edward Barnes

Derrick Barr

Carla Barrell

Sharon Bartku

Shelley Barrow

Jennifer Barton

Larry Bassett

Cecily Bastedo

Laren Baum

Cynthia Beach

Michael Beahm

Patrick Beale

Bob Beard

Anna Bell

Susan Bell

Michael Bem

Rosanna Bencoach

Matt Benedetti

Laura Benjamin

Jeremy Bennett

Mark Benson

Ernest Bentley

Michael Bentley

Herbert Berding

Paul Berge

Jonathan Berger

Howard Bergman

Marit Berntson

Trever Berry

John Best

Ethan Betterton

Elizabeth Billingsley

Larry Bingham

Mary Bishop and Dan Crawford

Judith Bishop

Robert Bittle

Nathaniel Bishop

Mary Bivens

Blacksburg Breakfast Lions Club

Joe Blackstock

Thomas Blackwell

Barry Blank

Robert Blair

Allison Blake

Peter Blake

Denise Hale Blakeney

David Blalock

Barry Blank 

Steve Blanks

Sandra Blevins

Adrienne Bloss

Tom Blue

Barbara Bockner

Elizabeth Bohr

Doris Boitnott

Kae N. Bolling

Martha Boone

Tom Borak

Robert Bost

Charles Bostian

Botetourt County

David Bowers

Amy Bowman

Laura Bowman

Ian Brownlee

Ingrid Bradley

Jo Rife Bradshaw

Andy Brady

Ernie Braganza

Blair Brainard

Judy Branting

Patricia Bratcher

M L Bray

Elizabeth Breeding

Michael Brennan

Robert Brewer

Robert Brink

Greg Brock

Jill Brooks

Charles Brouwer

Jan Brown

John Gregory Brown

Julie Brown

Mary Brown

Bruce Bryan

Wendell Bryan

James Bryant

Patrick Bryant

Laurie Buchwald

Sharon Buckman

Mary Bull

Sharon Burnham

Monica Burke

Bill Burks

Sandra Burks

Eugenia Burkes

Amanda Burnett

Gerald Burnett

Helen Burnett

Sharon Burnham

Stephanie Burriack

Janet Burrow 

Martha Burton

Bob Bushnell

H. Scott and Susan Butler

Frank Brayton 

John Brown   

Bruce Bryan

Michelle Buonocore

Erin Burcham

Katie Burke

Charles Burress

Janet Burrow

John Burton

Patrick Butler

Kevin Byrd

Kristin Cabral

Stair Calhoun

Paul Callaway

Brian Campbell

Marsha and Louis Campbell

Elizabeth Camper

John Cannon

Amanda Cannoy

Jodie R. Caplan

Victor Cardwell

David and Nancy Carey

Mary Carey

Gerald Carney

James Carter

Francesca Caruso

Jean Cash

Tara Casey

Catherine Casteel

Mark Cathey

Eva Catlin

Carolyn Caywood

David Chamowitz

Ron Charles

Carolyn Chen

Dean Chiapetto

John Childers

Lynn Chipkin

Brent Chochran

Elaine Chocklett

Bill Clark

Rebecca Clark

Elizabeth Clark

Martin Clark

Robert Clark

Deborah Clauson

Linda Claussen

Iain J. Clelland

Peter Clements

Katie Clifton

Judith Cline

Susan Cloeter

Joseph Cobb  

Richard Cobb 

Glenn Cochran

Michelle Cock

Jerry Cock  

Bruce Coffey

Julie Coggsdale

Jerry Cohen

Craig Coker  

Carol Colby

Kathryn Cole

Catherine Coleman 

James Coleman 

Mary Coles 

Katrina Cometa

Ginnie Conaway

Ken and Barbara Conklin

Caryl Connolly

Alaina Coppa

Kevin Cope

Robert Copeland

Bernard Cosell

Dale Clark

Deborah Clark

Warren Clark

Carolyn Clayton

Carol Claytor

Robert Clement

Katherine Clemo

Cynthia Clute

Jean Cobb

Richard Cobb

Michelle Cock

Amanda Cockrell

Craig Coker

James Coleman

Ryan W. Coleman

Paul Colley

Lauren Colliver

Ginnie Conaway

Robert Copeland

Dollie Cottrill

Sarah Cox

Toni Cox

Carol Crackel

Bruce Craig

Elizabeth Craighead

Daniel Crawford

Janet Crawford

Robert Crawford

Don Creamer

Elizabeth Creamer

Roy and Barbara Creasy

Jacob Creskoff

Barbara Cribbs

Michele Crim

Steven Critchfield

Suzanne Crockett

Jeffrey Crowder

Candace Carter Crosby

Lelia Cross

Sue Cross 

Mark Croy

Richard Cullen 

Doug Cumming  

Lisa Cunningham 

Hope Cupit

Carthan Currin

Mark Curtis

Alexander Dodok       

John Dalby 

Ed Dalrymple

Phil Dalton

Gayle Danielsen

Anna Dantzler

Mary Dashiell

Harwell McCoy Darby

Ronald David

Larry Davidson

Carol Davis

Michelle Davis

P. Davis

Peggy Davis

Sandra Davis

Jeffrey DeBell

Jennifer Deegan

Linda Deemer

Jennifer Deford

Vonda Delawie

Paul Dellinger

Naomi Delzell

Janet Demiray

David Denny

Thomas Deriso

Chris DeRosa

Christine DeRosa

Elizabeth Deskins

Robert Devereaux

Jeff Diamond  

Patrick Dibert

Hilda Dickerson

Melissa Dickey

Daniel DiLella

Susan Dillon

Ric Dintino

Robbie Dix

Linda DiYorio

Michael Doan

Ruth Doan  

Teresa Dockery

Bertram Dodson Jr.

E. Henry Doggett 

Linda Doro

Wilma Dotson

Jeffrey Douglas

Jay Dowd

Gary Downey 

Michael Downey

Andrea Draper

John Draper

Holly Drougas

Louise Dudley

Gary Duerk

Eleanor Duffield

Mike Dulak

Morris Dunham

Mary Beth Dunkenberger

Kay Dunkley

Lark Dunton

Piper Durrell

Diana Dutton   

Nancy Dye

Steven Dyer

Janet Early

Gregory Eaton

Judith Eda

Greg Edwards

Kerry Edmonds

Gene Edmunds

Martha Edwards

Robert Egbert

Jason El Koubi

Donia Eley

Juanita Ellet

Douglas Ellington

Katherine Elliott

William Elliot

Barbara Ellis

Caroline M. Ellis

James Ellison

Link Elmore

Mary Elmore

Shane Emmett

Anna Epperson

Rhea Epstein

Victoria Esarey

Dustin Eshelman

R.D. Entsminger

Paul Erwin

Felicia Etzkorn

Ginger Eure

J.D. and G.W. Eure

James Evans

Larry and Sharene Evans

Necia Evans

Gregory Evanylo

Clyde Evely

John Ewald

Suzanne Farhat

Peter Farnham

Lori Farnsworth

Kevin William Farrell

Carl Farris

Stanley Farthing

Gavin Faulkner

Evan Feinman

Margaret Feierabend

Elizabeth Feldmann

Whitney Feldmann

John Ferguson

Kenneth Ferguson

Mark Ferguson

Melissa Ferrell

Kenneth Ferris

Vivian Fields

Anita Filson

Sarah Finley

Michael Finnin

Anita Firebaugh

Nicholas Fischer

Randy and Elaine Fisher

Terri Fisher

Jodi Fisler

David FitzGerald

Debra Stevens Fitzgerald

Joseph G. Fitzgerald

Anthony Flaccavento

Laurel Flaccavento

Ron Flanary

Beverly Fleming

William Fleming

Deena Flinchum

Kenneth Flint

Polly Flint

Mark Flynn

Diane Flynt

Jennie Fogarty

Mason Fogg

Rowena Fogg

Randy Foley

Lynn Fontana

Rachel Fowlkes

Rachel Forester

Jerry Ford Jr.

Karen Forget

Amy Forrester

Dennis Fountain

Emily Francis

Deborah Fraser

Jeremy Franklin

Lily Franklin

David Frantz

Karen Frazier

Debbie Freeman

Barbara Fried

Melissa Friedman

Linda Frith

Sidney Fuchs

Lynn Fuhler

Richard Fuller

Susan Breakefield Fulton

Megan Gallagher

Richard Galliher

Alan Galumbeck

Cara Gangloff

Felix Garcia

Victoria Gardner

Jill Garrett

William Garrett

Reid Garst

Robert Garst

Olivia Garrett

Susan Garry

Reid Garst

Victor Gasperini

Susan Gaston

Ernest Gates

JoAnn Gates

Christine Gavitt

Henri Gendreau

Teresa Gibbons

Bob Gibson

Emily Gibson

Sharada Gilkey

Anne Gillespie

Mary S. Gilliam

Thomas Gillooly

Katherine Glass

Rob Glenn

Ellen Glickman

Sandra Glickman

Laura Godfrey

Deirdre Goldsmith

Rob and Dede Goldsmith

Anna Goltz

Pat Gooch

James Gooding

Sarah Goodman

Patricia Goodson

Phyllis Goodwin

Mike Gordon

Robin Hawley Gorsline

Robert Gove

Marjie Gowdy

Quinn Graeff

Cynthia Graham

Flo Graham

Florine Graham

David Grant

John Graves

Keisha Graziadei-Shup

Edith Green

Don Green

Linda Green

Anne Greene

Josephine Greer

Linda Gregory

Peter Greider

Catherine Griffin

Debra Griggs

Douglas Griggs

Michael Grim

Catherine Grimes

Nancy Griswold

Conrad Grundlehner

Beth Gunter

David Gusler

Frederick Gusler

David Guza

Carola Haas

Linda Haas

Ann Hackworth

Travis Hackworth

Hugh Hagan

L. Hager-Smith

Mary Hagmaier

James Hale

B. Keith Haley

John Hall

Richard Hall

Ronald Hall

Tim Hall

S. Revelle Hamilton

Stephen Haner

Mechelle Hankerson

Jean Hankins

Sandra Hankley

Janet Hanks

Bettina Hanlon

Jaculyn Hanrahan

Nancy Hans

JD Hansard 

Alice Hardin     

Leton Harding

Susan Hardy

James Harman

Leah Harness

Louis Harpster Jr.

Richard Harrell

Belinda Harris

Larry Harris

Nelson Harris

David Harrison 

Judith Harrison

Ross Hart

Geoffrey Harter

Kathryn Hatam

Stephen Hartka

Cheryl Hartman

Keith Hartman

Hada Haulsee

Nancy Harvey

William Harvey

Carey Harveycutter

Claudia Harvie

Rene Hasey

Karen Hathcock

Joe Hatley

David and Mary Haviland

Todd Haymore

Melissa Hays-Smith

Donna and Robert Headley Jr.

Seth Heald

Bill Hefty

Christian Heilman

Michael Heller 

Steven Hemphill

DK Henderson

William Hendricks

John Hennen

Donna Henry

Marilyn Henry

Sara Henry

Rebecca Hepler

Randi Herrick

Joshua Heslinga

Ann Hess

Cheryl Heuser

Samantha Helms

JoAnn Henson

Celeste Harrison Hicks

J.C. Higginbotham

Jane R. Hill

Marquita Hill     

Gayle Hillert

Larry and Susan Hincker

Mary Hinton

Greg Hodges

Latala Payne Hodges

Donna Hoffman

Katherine Hoffman

Amanda Hogberg

Courtney Hoge

John Hoke

Claudia Holguin

Mark Holland

Sara Hollberg

Keith Holland

Shirley Holland

Jennifer Holman

Matt Holmstrom

John Holst

Andrew Holtz

Dabney Hopkins

Willie Houck

Jean Holzinger

R. Clint and Nancy Hopkins

Lori Hornfelt

Melanie Hosch

Roger Hoskin

Patsy Hosner

Willie Houck

Dick Howard

Donna Howard

William Howell

Henry Hoyle

Pete and Pat Huber

Dixie Huff

Melinda Hughes

John Hull

Andy Hullender

Karen Hult

John Humphries

Keith Humphry

Deborah Hunley

David Hunt

Mark Husband

Kenneth Hutcheson

Patricia Hyer

Richard Ikenberry

Peter Imhof and Mary Brewster

Albrecht Inhoff

Brenda Irons

Donald Irons

Ruth Irwin

Douglas Jackson

Rishi Jaitly

Colleen James

Joel Jandreau

Louise Jarowsky

Virgina Jarrett

Isaac Jeanes

Donna Jefferson

Judy Jenks

David Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Anne M. Jennings

James Jennings

Jim Jennings

Kayce Jennings

John Jensen

Linda Jilk

Justin Jones

Clark Jones

Debra Jones

Joanne Jones

Terri Jones

Barbara Johnson 

Boyd Johnson

David Johnson

James Johnson 

James and Mary Ann Johnson

Jeanne Johnson

Kay Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson

John Johnson

Steven Johnson

Erik Johnston

Kelly Johnston

Robert Johnston

Beth JoJack

James Jordan

Melanie Jorgensen

Timothy Jost

Doug Juanarena

Dean Kaiser

John and Lesley Kammerman

Barbara Kanninen

Joan Kark

Susan Katsarelis

Charles Katz

Neal A Katz 

Susan Kaufman

Debra Kavanaugh

Dawn Keane

Anthony Keck

Taylor Keeney

Perry Keeton

Debbie Keighton

Amy Kelleher

Kathryn Keller

Teresa Keller

Linda Kelly

Patricia Kelly

Sandra Kelly

Tom Kennedy

William Kennedy

Glenna Kennett

James C. Kent Jr.

Kim Kepchar

Kathryn Kerkering

Anne Leigh Kerr

Joyce Kessinger

Susan Kidd

Kari Kilgore

Gibbs Kinderman

Carol King

Polly King

John Kingston

William Kirby

Ann Kirk

Ballin Kirk

Randa Kirshbaum

Kevin Kittredge

Lauren Kitts

Kiwanis Club of Roanoke

David Kjolhede

Sean Klaver

William Klein

Stephanie Klein-Davis

Jim Kline

Larry Klipp

Phyllis Klugas

Decca Knight

John Koch

Lenny Kolstad

Brian Konkel

Cammie Kotz

Marianne Kovatch

Patricia Kraegel

A.B. Kreger Co.

Kim Kristensen

Rachelle Kuehl

Kelly Kuykendall

Edgar Kyle

John Vaught LaBeaume

Leslie LaConte

Mark Lamb

Valerie Lacy

Paul Landcaster

Celeste Land

Ruth Landon

Lorraine Lange

Joanne Langford

Jacqueline Lantz

Fran Larkins

Pete and Susan Larkin

Katherine LaRosa

Theresa LaRocco

Anne Larsen

Lisa Laughon

Edward Lautenschlager

Gary Lautenschlager

Jenny Lawhorn

Karen Layman

Margaret Layne 

Madelyn Lazorchak

Jacob Lee

Whitney Leeson

Jennifer Leigh

Elizabeth Lemon

Betty Lesko

Holly Lesko

Gary Lester

Patricia Level

Annyce Levy

Rachel Levy

Eleanor Lewis

Robert Lewis

Wayne Lewis

Charlie Lex

Marie Ann Leyko

Nancy Liebrecht

Barbara and William Lidell

Steve Light

Richard Light

Ann Linden

Bonnie Lindsay

Margaret Lindsey

Sue Lindsey

William Lindsey

Winnifred Lindquist

Charles Lionberger

Robin Lipps

Paul Little

Stephen Locke

Charles Logan

Don Lollar

Cynthia Lollar 

Elizabeth Long

Samuel Long

Sharon Looney

Patti Love

Richard Lovegrove

Mike Loveman

Joy Loving

Pamela Luecke

Dean Lynch

J. L. Lynde Jr.

Michael Anne Lynn

Kenneth Lyons

Rob Lyon

Joel Lytton

Melanie Mabry

Wes MacAdam

Ed Machado

Janet MacLauchlin

Edward Maeder

Frank Maguire

James Mahone

Ivy Main

Ellis Malabad

Paula Mallin

Thomas Manis

David Manley

Bonnie Mann

Sandra Marcus

Marjorie Marcy

Lynn Foster Margheim

Judith Marlow

Danny Marshall Election Committee

Maria Cooper Marrone

William Marslen-Wilson

Robert Martenis

Frank Martin

Marie Martin

Meghan Martin

Nancy Martin

Paula Martin

Carol Marton

Ann Martyn

Michael Martz

Gwen and Bill Mason

Jama Mason

JB Massey

Caroline Masters

Aaron Mathes

Rich Mathieson

Peggy Mathews

Susan and Kelly Mattingly

Linda Maxey

Marilyn Pace Maxwell

Michelle Maycock

Sarah Mayhew

Sheryl and Peter Mays

Mary Mayrose

Vaneta McAlexander

Patricia McAndrews

Mac McArthur-Fox

Logan McCabe

Jennifer McCaffery

R. David McCall

Edward McCann

John McCarthy

James McClain

Andria McClellan

Greg McClellan

Molly A. McClintock

James McCloskey

Molly McCluer

Debbie McClure

Elizabeth McClure

Dorothy McCorkle

Kristine McCormick

Craig McCroskey

Bradford McDaniel

Brenda McDaniel

Diane McDaniels

George McDowell

John McEnhill

Ann McFarland

Chris McGee

Overton McGehee

Mike McGilliard

Sean McGinnis

Tom McGohey

Steven McGraw

Leesa McGregor

Sheri McGuire

Stefani McGurn

Allen McKenna

Tracie McKenney

Gina McMather

Greg McMillan

Jim McMillian

Sean McMurray

Joseph McNamara

Robert McNichols

Robert McNutt

Greg Meade

Craig Meadows

Matthew Meares

Donna Meeks

Marsha Melkonian

Marsha Melonian

Thomas Melton

Gregg Meluski

Katie Mercer

Jere Meredith

Luanne Meredith

Donal Merricks

Floyd Merryman

Lawrence Meyer

Beth Middleton

Victoria Middleton

Scott Midkiff

Richard Milam

Cynthia Miller

Harlan Miller

Harris Miller

Katy Miller

Mary Miller

Matt Miller

Maureen Mills

Beth Mirza

Laura Mitchell 

Betty Mitchell

John Mixter

Thomas Mohr

Jerry Moles

Diane Molleson

Jacob Montague 

Anne H. Moore

David Moore

Vicky Moore

Scott Moree

Edward Morgan

Sally Morgan

Chad Morris

Bill Mosley

Scott Moree

Michael Morency

Amy Morris

Nancy Morris

Robert Morris

James Morrison

Norwood Morrison

Wade Morrison

Jessica Mott

Tonia Moxley

Laura Moyer

Suzana Muller

Billy Mullins

Bernard Mundy

Cynthia Munley

Sandy Munnell

Paul Murphy

Sarah Murray

Martin Muscatello

Robert Myers

Lindsey Nair

Tom Nasta

Mary Natkin

George Neighbors

Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt

Bonnie Nelson

Virginia Neukirch

David Neumeyer

Cecile Newcomb

Randy Newberry

James Newlin

Miles Newman

Bertram Newmark

Linda Nicholson

Paige Nielsen

Christina Nifong

Jerry Niles

Mallory Noe-Payne

Joan Nolan

June Nolley

Phillip and Bonnie North

LeGrand Northcutt

Vivian Norkus

Brian Noyes

Matthew Nottingham

Sue Nussbaum

Dave Nutter

Thomas and Ellen Nygaard

Connie Nyholm

Joseph Obenshain

Joseph and Marcia Obenshain

Scott O’Brien

Valerie OBrien

Christopher OBrion

Cindy Obrist

Megan O’Connell

James Oconnor

Beth O’Connor

Christopher O’Connor

Hugh O’Donnell

Gerald Oefelein

Carol Olson

Bridget Opazo

Sylvia Organ

Kim ORourke

Peggy Osborne

Suzanne Osborne

Wava Osborne

Morgan Pace

Robert Palmer

Susan Parish

Andy Parker

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Anthony Patoux

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Richard and Mary Pattisall

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Michael Pearson

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Peter Pelny

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Lorain and Mark Petersen

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Pieterman Living Trust

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Paula Prince

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Christy Pugh

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Roanoke Round Table

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Mr. and Mrs. Rouse

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Sales Edge

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Rebecca Scheckler

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Katherine Schoonover

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Delmar and Christine Schnabel

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Teresa Selove

Paul Sensmeier

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Katharine and Rees Shearer

Thomas and Peggy Sheets/Blue Ridge Lumber Co.

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Carole Tarrant in memory of George Kegley

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