Cardinal News is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan news site that serves Southwest and Southside Virginia. We were founded in July 2021.

Southwest and Southside are two very different regions of the state but they share many things in common. Among them: They’re increasingly left behind in a state that’s dominated by the urban crescent from Northern Virginia to Hampton Roads and they’re both faced with inventing new economies after traditional employers have declined. They’re also left behind by legacy news organizations that have cut their staffs deeply and no longer support in-depth reporting.

Our mission is to provide that in-depth reporting. We are not here to cover fires and wrecks and shootings, but to connect the dots on the big trends that are shaping and re-shaping our region. Our initial focus will be on the politics, economy and culture of the western third of the state that’s south of I-64. Imagine a line that runs from Lexington to Lynchburg to Farmville to Mecklenburg to Danville, and then everything west to the Cumberland Gap. Or, if you prefer, from Cumberland County to the Cumberland Gap.

We are fiercely non-partisan. We are not an advocacy site for any cause or ideology, except perhaps our belief that Southwest and Southside Virginia deserve a voice. Our by-laws establish a firewall between our funding and our journalism; donor contributions have no influence on our news coverage. Our by-laws also require us to disclose all donations of $100 and up. We have more about how we’re funded on our “supporters” page and our FAQS.

Commentary policy

While our focus is on news, we do accept a limited number of commentary submissions, provided they relate directly to our coverage area and come from subject matter experts on topics that we cover. For more information, contact editor Dwayne Yancey at

Donor transparency policy

We will disclose all donors who give $100 or more. Find the list, and how you can donate, on our “how we’re funded” page.

Editorial independence policy

Donor contributions have no influence on news decisions. That’s fundamental to journalism. It’s also written into our by-laws and is requirement for membership in the Institute for Nonprofit News and other journalism organizations, which we either belong to or someday may join.

Ethics policy

We subscribe to the ethics policy established by the Society of Professional Journalists.

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