Renie Gates. Courtesy of the candidate.
Renie Gates. Courtesy of the candidate.
Senate District 7. Courtesy of Virginia Supreme Court.

Democrats have nominated Deborah “Renie” Gates of Floyd County as their candidate to run against state Sen. Bill Stanley, R-Franklin County.

Gates is the daughter of Patty Quesenberry, who is the Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates in House District 47, where Dels. Marie March of Floyd County and Wren Williams of Patrick County are seeking the Republican nomination in the June 20 primary.

A release from the Democrats’ district committee for Senate District 7 said Gates received a “clear majority” of the vote over Sherman Witcher, who has run in the past.

The Senate district runs from Franklin County to Grayson County and part of Wythe County. In 2021, the precincts in this district voted 74.9% for Republican Glenn Youngkin for governor.

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