These are the counties covered by the Appalachian Regional Commission. Courtesy: ARC

Gov. Glenn Youngkin has recommended 18 projects for a total of $8.6 million in funding by the Appalachian Regional Commission. RC will finalize approval of these project awards later this year.

Here’s the list, with descriptions provided by the state Department of Housing and Community Development:

Project Jonah Water and Sewer Improvements

Tazewell County
This project will provide adequate water and sewer service to a new aquaculture business, Pure Salmon Virginia LLC, support a total of 218 new jobs and leverage a $358.8 million private investment through the construction of off-site water system and sewer system improvements. (We have this background story on the salmon farm under construction in Tazewell County.)

Wythe Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Wythe County
This project will expand wastewater service capacity at the construction site of a nitrile manufacturing facility in Progress Park. This facility will employ approximately 2,500 persons (200 in the first 18 months), and this expanded wastewater service capacity will alleviate the need for a new sewer treatment plant in the county.

Remaining Phases of Hurley Regional Waterline Extension

Buchanan County 
This project will provide safe and clean public water to the remaining 97 households in the Hurley community. The waterline extension project will provide service to households that do not have potable water and includes the construction of approximately 37,500 linear feet of six-, four-, two- and one-inch waterline, 12,000 linear feet of ¾-inch service line, 97 meters and 13 fire hydrants. 

Patrick County Business Development Center

Patrick County
This project will create a first-of-its-kind business development space, providing resources to entrepreneurs and small businesses in Patrick County. The revitalization of the blighted building in the business district of the town of Stuart will catalyze economic growth and promote business diversity.

East Main River and Rail Downtown Connector Trail

City of Radford
This project includes the construction of a downtown trail connecting the East Main commercial district with the trailhead leading to the New River, allowing the city to connect their natural and cultural assets for residents and visitors to utilize while encouraging increased economic opportunities for businesses.

Southern Gap Amphitheater
Sunset Holler, Inc.
This project will support Buchanan County and the surrounding region’s tourism and economic development efforts through the construction of a commercial-grade amphitheater built to host 4,000 guests.

Buena Vista Innovation Center
The Advancement Foundation
This project includes the renovation of a vacant 37,000-square-foot manufacturing building to launch a new business incubator, as well as provide one-on-one job training. Renovations include a commercial kitchen, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant bathrooms needed for public access to classrooms, community facilities and manufacturing space.

Carroll County Broadband
Carroll County

This project will extend eight miles of fiber from the city of Galax to Pipers Gap to connect over 400 unserved households. This project will provide match funds for the county’s 2023 Virginia Telecommunications Initiative (VATI) application.  

Ocoonita-Miller Smyth Chapel Interconnect Project

Lee County
This interconnected water project will combine two separate water systems, accommodating future increases in capacity and allowing for the expansion of the Lee County Public Service Authority. The project will involve the installation of 4,600 linear feet of 8-inch water line, one electronic flow control valve and related appurtenances to connect components of the two water systems.

Upper Cliff Mountain Water Project – Phase 2

Scott County
This project is the second phase of a larger water project bringing new water service to the currently unserved Cliff Mountain Way area of Scott County, improving the quality of life to 20 new residential households. The project includes the installation of 8,820 linear feet of 4-inch water line, 6,020 linear feet of 2-inch water line and 2,000 linear feet of  ¾-inch water line, as well as all related appurtenances.

Bear Creek Water Line Replacement Project
Wise County

The Bear Creek Water Line Replacement project will provide safe, reliable public water service to 11 previously unserved households. The project includes the installation of 5,150 linear feet of new water distribution and service lines in the Bear Creek community.

Low Gap Phase 2 Water Line Replacement Project

Dickenson County
The Low Gap water project is part of the larger Backbone Ridge Phase IV Water Line Replacement Project and consists of the replacement of approximately 7,600 linear feet of 6-inch water line and 800 linear feet of ¾-inch service line, as well as related appurtenances. The project will provide improved service to approximately 12 customers while also correcting poor water accountability in the old water lines.

The Virtual Get Schooled Field Trip Program

Center in the Square
This project will offer students in the Blue Ridge Public School System unique learning opportunities through a virtual field trip program featuring 40 SOL-compliant videos that showcase different parts of the region. The program will create a collaborative and engaging field trip experience while supporting regional tourism and protecting natural assets.

Southwest Regional Recreation Authority (SRRA) Economic Impact and Business/Strategic Plan

Southwest Regional Recreation Authority
The Southwest Regional Recreation Authority (SRRA) will create a long-term vision for the organization, including an economic impact study, a business plan, a marketing plan and a strategic plan. SRRA will use the products from this project to drive future ARC implementation projects.

Wise County Circuit Court Workforce Development and Training Program

Wise County Circuit Court
This project will offer workforce development, training and paid internship opportunities to 24 regional high school graduates to create smart land record abstraction for property in Wise County. Businesses committed to providing internship positions include local banking institutions, law firms and real estate companies. (We have this background story on the blockchain project in Wise County).

Saltville Library 2024 and Beyond: Planning for a New Saltville Community Services and Connections Complex

Smyth County
This project will allow Smyth County to analyze spatial needs for a new and expanded Saltville Library, including cost estimates and a recommended location for the improved facility design.

The Lincoln Theatre Technology and Film Project

The Lincoln Theatre Inc.
This project will digitally expand the Lincoln Theater by providing digital shows, and screening films and movies. This project will create 3.5 full-time equivalent positions, as well as include additional training opportunities for part-time staff and regional students to obtain full-time employment in technology, digital media and/or film.

Planning Expansion of the Floyd Innovation Center 2022

Economic Development Authority of Floyd County
This project will support the expansion of the Floyd Innovation Center by providing cost-estimates and an assessment of additional spacing needs, allowing the existing businesses in the center to grow and provide additional jobs and training opportunities for the region.