Danville City Hall. Photo by Grace Mamon.

The four incumbents running for Danville City Council were all reelected Tuesday, meaning that the city will continue to be the largest city in Virginia with an all-male council.

Mayor Alonzo Jones, Bryant Hood, Vice Mayor Gary Miller, and James Buckner beat challengers Maureen Belko and Petrina Carter.

“It’s an honor to receive the votes that I’ve received, and I’m really honored to be able to serve the citizens of Danville for another four years,” Buckner said in a phone interview.

Here are the unofficial vote counts with 18 out of 19 precincts reporting:

Jones: 7,532

Buckner: 5,933

Hood: 6,515

Miller: 6,396

Carter: 5,410

Belko: 3,612

In an interview with Cardinal News in October, Belko said she would run again if not elected this year. Carter, who has run before, said she didn’t know whether she’d run again.

More than nine people contribute to the growth and success of Danville, Belko said in a statement to Cardinal Wednesday morning.

“I’ve been working to contribute to this city for years and from this run, I’ve gained a bigger network to improve that impact even more,” she said. “That’s a win. That’s why I ran. That’s why I hope we all ran. It’s never been an all or nothing situation for me.”

The last woman to serve on Danville’s City Council was Ruby Archie, whose term ended with her death in 2010.

Buckner said he’s not sure why it’s been difficult for a woman to be elected to council in recent years.

“We had some really good [female candidates] this time,” he said. “I really don’t know.”

Buckner, a Realtor with Wilkins & Co., has served on the City Council since 2014, and he’s also served on the Dan River Small Business Development Board, Danville Metropolitan Planning Organization and West Piedmont Planning District Commission.

Jones has served on the City Council since 2010, and he has also served on the School Board. During a candidate forum in October, he said he’s “learned that it is imperative for the City Council and the School Board to work together to continue improving our education system.”

He said education “directly impacts our economic development,” something Danville has been focusing on recently.

Miller has served on the City Council since 2008, when he was appointed to fill a vacancy due to a resignation. He’s a medical professional, and at the candidate forum he said his medical experience has been valuable to the council during the pandemic.

Hood has been on the City Council since 2020. He also serves on the Danville Development Council and runs the Stayhood Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on arts, culture and entertainment. It has programming for young artists in Danville and citizens who are returning to society after incarceration.

Hood said one of his main focuses is transparency, and making sure all Danville residents are informed.

Buckner said he believes that Danville residents are excited to see the city’s progress continue.

“We’ve done a lot of great things, and I’m looking forward to continuing that forward motion that we’ve started,” he said.

Grace Mamon is a reporter for Cardinal News. Reach her at grace@cardinalnews.org or 540-369-5464.