Here are some of the top headlines from other news outlets around Southwest and Southside:


Special prosecutor trying to sort out election drama in Nottoway County. — Virginia Mercury.

Shouting match between Nottoway registrar and electoral board member triggers 911 call. — Crewe Burkeville Journal.

New program to train Roanoke community members to be gun-related violence “change-makers.” — The Roanoke Times

Franklin County supervisors take action on tax relief. — The Roanoke Times.

Danville City Council approves solar agreement. — Danville Register and Bee.

Hurt Town Council member resigns. — Chatham Star Tribune.

Bedford County expands internet access. — WDBJ-TV.


Farmville Innovation Hub gets funding for construction. — Farmville Herald.

Pulaski County planners approved proposed 142-acre solar farm. — Southwest Times.


Nottoway County School Board expresses support for Weekday Religious Education. — Blackstone Courier-Record.

Speaker urges Nottoway schools to avoid “woke” agenda. — Blackstone Courier-Record.

Rep. Bob Good, R-Campbell County, speaks to Campbell County Board of Supervisors, urges cameras in classrooms. — Altavista Journal. (Background: “What would it cost to put cameras in the classrom?“)

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Health care:

Carilion Clinic postpones plans to build mental health center, citing pandemic. — Roanoke Rambler. (Disclosure: Carilion is one of our donors but donors have no say in news decisions; see our policy).

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