Photo by Loren Rife

We haven’t been up and flying for a year — we left the nest on September 27 — so this is really more like our best-read stories of the last three-plus months of 2021. Still, it’s what we have, so if you’re curious, here they are:

  1. The numbers we ought to be paying attention to (the changing demographics of rural Virginia). This story got so much attention on Twitter that Twitter shut us down for awhile, thinking we were spammers.
  2. Armadillo spotted in Roanoke (the third and most popular of our stories about armadillos).
  3. Should a billionaire build a new city in Southwest Virginia? (Marc Lore’s proposal to build a new city called Telosa and Appalachia is one of the possible sites).
  4. Armadillos are moving into Southwest Virginia.
  5. Nine reasons why Republicans swept Virginia (no, armadillos are not among them.)
  6. Abandoned mine threatens home in Wise County (good news, they’re no longer threatened).
  7. Another armadillo spotted in Southwest Virginia (maybe we should change our name to Armadillo News?)
  8. A ‘project of faith’ takes shape in the coalfields (a big salmon farm under construction).
  9. Afghan refugees at Fort Pickett divide Blackstone
  10. How big will Danville’s casino be? This big.

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