Here are some of the top headlines around Southwest and Southside:

Roanoke Valley health officials say 20% of new covid cases are in children. — WSET-TV.

Virginia Air Pollution Board to meet Thursday and Friday in Chatham to consider Mountain Valley Pipeline’s proposed compressor station. — Chatham Star-Tribune.

Henry County Board of Zoning Appeals turns down two solar farms in Axton. — Martinsville Bulletin.

Halifax County Board of Supervisors poised to borrow $130 million for school construction. — South Boston News & Record.

Blackstone Town Council now has a Black majority after appointment. — Blackstone Courier & Record.

Pulaski Board of Supervisors recognizes Darlene Burcham for 50 years of service. — Southwest Times.

Roanoke Councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr.’s magazine refunds money to city after questions raised. — The Roanoke Times.

Cardinal News editor Dwayne Yancey named one of 100 people to meet in 2022. — Virginia Business.