Carey Harveycutter. Courtesy of Harveycutter.

Congratulations to Carey Harveycutter of Salem, the first winner of a $25 gas card in Cardinal News’ newsletter referral program.

Harveycutter was selected in a random drawing from the five readers who had three or more of their friends sign up for our free morning newsletter.

We began the contest in mid May and expect to continue it monthly through September. When three of your friends sign up, you receive one entry into the contest. You can keep earning more entries throughout the contest.

Those making five referrals will be entered into a Grand Prize drawing on Sept. 30 to win either a $100 gift card or dinner with editor Dwayne Yancey and executive director Luanne Rife. The same prize will be awarded to the reader who refers the most new newsletter subscribers. (In the case of a tie, we’ll pick the winner through a random drawing.)

We’re running this promotion as a way to let more people know about Cardinal News. We’re asking those who read and like us to spread the news. So far 42 readers have helped by making at least one referral.

It’s easy to get into the game. You’ll see the promotion each day in your morning newsletter. It has a code embedded that is unique to you. Just click on the links to share through email or social media with your friends. When they sign up, you earn a credit and get one person closer to winning the next gas card.

If you have any questions, send them to