Deirdre Goldsmith of Abingdon says: "Maisie pup getting into the Christmas spirit."

We’ve asked readers to help demonstrate how widely read we are across Southwest and Southside Virginia by sharing their Christmas photos and here they come!

Above is a photo from Abingdon and below we have photos from Chatham, Roanoke and beyond. Earlier we had photos from the Wise Christmas parade by John Kennedy and the “penguin house” in Lynchburg from Donna St. Clair of Forest. You can share yours at Be sure to tell us where you’re from and where the photo is from!

From Elizabeth McLaughlin of Chatham: “We work hard every year to put these up.” You can find these and more at 1938 Fairview North Road, Chatham.
Another from Elizabeth McLaughlin in Chatham.
From Carole Tarrant in the Deyerle neighborhood of Roanoke. Look, a cardinal!
This is the beyond. Alexandra Trower, chair of the Hollins University Board of Trustees, sends this and says: “Christmas photo from NYC! A Blacksburg/Hollins girl replanted in the Big Apple.”