The proposed map for congressional districts.

The two special masters for redistricting appointed by the Virginia Supreme Court have released their proposed maps. Under this proposal, Reps. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem and Ben Cline, R-Botetourt County, would both be paired in a redrawn 6th District, while the 9th District (which Griffith currently represents) would have no incumbent.

Above is the proposed map for congressional districts. You can find a more interactive version on the Supreme Court site here. We have close-ups of the 5th, 6th and 9th districts below; you can also see close-ups for all 11 districts in the state here.

Below are the proposed maps for the House of Delegates and state Senate, with more interactive versions the House here and the Senate here. You can also see non-interactive close-ups of the House here and the state Senate here.

The two special masters released this explanation of their work. We’ll have more analysis of these maps once we’ve had time to study them in depth.

The proposed map for the 5th District. It splits Albemarle County but keeps Charlottesville in the 5th. Lynchburg is also added.
The proposed map for the 6th District. It would include Salem, Roanoke and part of Roanoke County and then run north to Winchester. Two Republican incumbents — Morgan Griffith of Salem and Ben Cline of Botetourt County — would be in this district.
The proposed map for the 9th District. It would have no incumbent.
The proposed House of Delegates districts.
The proposed map for the state Senate.