Christmas lights at the corner of Water and Main streets in Fincastle.

OK, and now for something completely different. We want to show off how we’re getting read all across Southwest and Southside Virginia. We know this from our web traffic but we’d like to demonstrate this in a better way than some boring old statistics. So what better way than to ask readers to send us photos of their favorite / biggest / most spectacular Christmas lights from their hometown? We’ll periodically post a selection of some of the best ones.

We have just a few rules:

  1. Send no more than two photos to
  2. MUST HAVE: Your name and where you’re from. (Example: Sally Smith, Pembroke).
  3. MUST HAVE: Where the photo was taken — be as specific as you can in case someone wants to go see this display for themselves. (Example: 123 Main Street, Pembroke).
  4. NICE TO HAVE: Anything you want to say about the photo.

See how simple that is? Oh, and if you’re wondering whether you’re in Southwest or Southside? We define those broadly. But we don’t want to see Fairfax County, we want to see Franklin County. We don’t want to see Richmond, we want to see Russell County.

Our in-box stands ready!