The Daily Yonder has produced this map showing virus infection rates last week. Black counties have the highest rates. For interactive version, see

Virus infections rates are going down but some localities in Southwest and Southside still have some of the highest rates in the country.

The Daily Yonder, a website that covers rural issues, has produced this interactive map showing infection rates on a county-by-county basis for the week ending Oct. 2. The counties in black are the ones with the highest infection rates In Virginia, the localities with the highest rates (as measured on a cases per 100,000 rate) and their directions are:

  1. Waynesboro 1361.0 — up
  2. Smyth County 704.2 — down
  3. Lee County 614.8 — down
  4. Page County 627.6 — down
  5. Richmond County 576.3 — down
  6. Russell County 575.5 — down
  7. Scott County 570.3 — up
  8. Wythe County 564.8 — down
  9. Shenandoah County 557.1 — down
  10. Essex County 547.8 — down
  11. Sussex County 519.8 — up
  12. Giles County 514.4 — down
  13. Middlesex County 510.3 — up
  14. Bland County 509.6 — down

For comparison purposes, Roanoke is 341.9 and Fairfax County is 96.6. Highland County shows up at zero although it’s so small statistics there are often misleading, because a single case there could also show up as a spike. Note that these statistics are for last week. The Virginia Department of Health has updated states on this dashboard.